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Birds of Oregon – A General Reference

Birds of Oregon - A General ReferenceEdited by David B. Marshall, Matthew G. Hunter and Alan L. Contreras

Birds of Oregon, the long-awaited reference guide to the 485 bird species now known to occur in Oregon is now available. Five years in the making, this comprehensive volume is not a field guide, but presents what is known today about the population status and distribution of each species, as well as their habitat requirements and diet, their seasonal activities and behavior, where and how they might be found, and conservation problems. Of Oregon’s 485 species (about 150 more than were treated in Gabrielson and Jewett’s 1940 Birds of Oregon), 350 occur regularly and receive a detailed account. Another 135 vagrants and accidentals receive a briefer account a separate chapter covers introduced, extirpated and questionable species.

The book also is available in bookstores or can be ordered by calling the Oregon State University Press’ distributor, the University of Arizona Press, at 1-800-426-3797.The Oregon State University Press Web site has more information on the book which may be of interest.